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In June 11th at the city of Rosario took place the 1st International Conference on soil and fertilization: "Strategies fertilization towards profitability and sustainability" organized by Rizobacter with participation of DeSangosse group.

Full day activities included lectures from known specialists on agriculture from Argentina, as Jorge Gonzalez Montaner (CREA advisor) Gustavo Ferraris (Researcher in soil and fertilization) Agustin Bianchini (Member and Advisor of AAPRESID) María Fernanda San Juan (Manager of the civil association FERTILIZAR) and Laurent Martinez (Global Technical and Marketing Manager of Agronutrition) The conference had participation of Agronomists, plant nutrition specialists, Key Distributors and selected group of technicians from Argentina and Paraguay. Was seen and followed online thorugh the TV Channel “Agrositio TV” by more than 300 participants from the Argentina and regional countries and its is now a summary available on the web site